Sunday, June 17, 2018

What is Pinky anyway? Here's my brief take on it.

Where's the Wig???
                                   No Make-up??

"Boy, she isn't very feminine is she?"

What Pinky is and isn't...

Pinky Penmark is simply put merely a character and nothing more with no intended resemblances to anyone living or dead. Nor, was the character of Pinky Penmark based on anyone living or dead.

Pinky is not a drag queen, drag persona, drag person or female illusionist. I remain adamant about this particular point not because such an association would offend me but because I do not profess to have the type of talents and artistry that those wonderful performers have.

Pinky is unique and ultimately knows no gender (though she does like men). Pinky, the character, is both equal parts real me and my imagination. She is not the type of character that reads a script, but she is a character none the less.

Pinky will work the hell out of the room from a microphone or a stage but there is little chance of seeing her "stir the pudding" or "pick the grapes".

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