Thursday, July 19, 2018

Today is My New Year's Day & I Have a Resolution

Today is my New Year's Day as I turn 53. The past two years have been full of so many challenges, mostly centered around my health, and at times it has become all-consuming. I've remarked recently how I feel sometimes like my Grandmother who's conversations often centered around her most recent ailment or perceived ailment. As we age I know this can become the trend and although I loved you, Grandma, this is not a part of you that I wish to emulate.

My New Year's resolution is to remember that the last two years and every day have more importantly been filled with great friends and a tremendous amount of support. Therefore, as of today, I choose to cast aside the chains of my health issues that hold me down and celebrate my good fortune that is filled with good friends because Pinky Penmark, Pinky Penmark Speaks, Pinky Penmark Blogs and myself have a lot left to do and big plans coming for this next year.

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