Monday, June 15, 2020

Pinky Penmark Withdraws Support of Two Local Organizations

Writer's Note:  June 15, 2020.

Please note Pinky Penmark no longer endorses Firmly Established, Inc. or Holistic Coaching as an LGBTQ allied organization or company. I have left the events and works I did for both these entities on my websites and Facebook accounts, however, because I want to be transparent about my misguided affiliations with them in the past. Feel free to email me if you would like to inquire about strong reservations about continuing to endorse, recommend or support Firmly Established, Inc. and/or Holistic Coaching.

Former Host Plans Cameo Appearance at Punky's Bar and Grill

Bingo4Charity benefiting Firmly Established, Inc. hosted by Victoria Michaels is Tuesday, August 6 at 7 PM

Victoria Michaels

Yes, it's me, Pinky Penmark, talking about my planned cameo in the 3rd person.....

because the event, hosted by Victoria Michaels, is all about a local non-profit, Firmly Established, Inc., that has grown very important to me.

As always, Bingo4Charity will be held at the local restaurant and pub, Punky's Bar and Grill, that has become a local favorite and hero for leading the way in its continued support of numerous local non-profits, events, causes and the LGBTQ+ community at large.

I urge you all to clear your calendars on Tuesday, August 6 from 7 PM to 9PM and plan to attend this event along with me that will support a much deserving non-profit while having some good clean (and sometimes dirty) fun playing Bingo! alongside the fabulous Victoria Michaels who does Central like no other gal we know.

  I (Pinky) will be donning a dress (and maybe a nightgown too) for the first time in 18 months to celebrate this event, this cause and your years of support. Blink and you could miss this event and your chance to see this old, bald man in a dress for another 18 months.

Firmly Established, Inc and Holistic Coaching, from which Firmly Established was born, share a mission and a vision that benefits the entire Tampabay LGBTQ+ community, our allies, our friends and our businesses.

Holistic Coaching is bravely attempting to help the chronically homeless and/or addicted regain their dignity and their lives before helping them return to independent living.

And, Firmly Established, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization, is helping local at-risk youth realize their potential through leadership, guidance, referrals, workshops, and seminars.

Working hand in hand, Firmly Established, Inc. and Holistic Coaching are improving the lives of many of our local citizens.

Your attendance and support at this event are crucial to the success and mission of Firmly Established, I would very much appreciate your attendance at this event when Pinky comes out of the closet (again).

And, don't forget to call 727.201.4712 to reserve your table ASAP or you might be playing Bingo4Charity while standing (and that wouldn't be cute).

Pinky hopes to see you there! 

Thank you for your continued support of Pinky, myself and our ever-evolving adventures.

Please RSVP to the event here: Bingo4Charity benefiting Firmly Established, Inc.

For more information on Firmly Established and Holistic Coaching visit and

Pinky Penmark

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